Enjoy a Locally Brewed Beer at 2 Silos Brewing

You can't get any more farm-to-pint than 2 Silos Brewing—the brewery actually resides on a working farm. Eight-acre Farm Brew LIVE in Manassas serves as the homestead for the local brewery, which just opened six weeks ago. The space was designed to complement the large barn next door, but its airy warehouse layout is a bit more chic. That's thanks to accents like chandeliers with Edison light bulbs, long wooden tables, and a sprawling outdoor seating area.

Come to 2 Silos brewing to taste the craft beers that have already taken Manassas by storm. Perfect for the holiday season, the Virginia Cream Ale showcases hints of vanilla bean mixed with malty flavors and a refreshing finish. The White Belgian wheat ale offers a lighter option, perfect for enjoying in the Virginia sunshine during the warmer months. 2 Silos Brewing also brews up seasonal beers, like the Gingerbread Ale, and dishes out gourmet American bites.

Public Domain/Pixabay/amiera06