My Cravingz: A Turkish Twist on Breakfast Pastries

If you're a fan of bagels, you're going to love the Turkish version served at My Cravingz. The bakery's team enlists natural ingredients — sans the additives and preservatives — to craft the crispy simit. It's similar to a sesame bagel, but a bit thinner and twisted instead into a circle instead of rolled. Order yours with Nutella, cheese, or tomatoes on top for a sweet or savory breakfast treat.

The borek pastry, on the other hand, is always served stuffed with savory ingredients. The team fills each borek with ground beef (the most popular option), spinach, feta cheese, potato, or a combination of a few, and then shapes it into a disc that bakes to golden-brown in the oven. The acma and pogaca pastries are a bit bigger and fluffier but still come with the same type of savory ingredients as the borek. If you want some dessert after your Middle Eastern main course, try the tulumba, a sweet traditional treat, or the tas kadayif, a crispy creation embellished with walnuts.