Spend a Rainy Afternoon at Milla’s Playland

When your youngster's imagination simply can't be contained in your home, he or she can unleash it full-force at Milla's Playland. The sprawling indoor playspace has everything your little one could possibly need to play make-believe. From a faux grocery store to a moon bounce, the features entertain toddlers all the way up through kindergarteners.

If you have younger kids, keep a close eye on them as they zoom down the inflatable slide, compose their own melodies on a larger-than-life piano mat, or swim around in a small ball pit. Older kids might like to play vet at the Pet Hospital, whip up a batch of imaginary cupcakes in Milla's Bakery, or shop for healthy food at the make-believe grocery store. Milla's Playland also hosts birthday parties and guarantees that your party guests will never grow bored.