Enjoy a Calming Practice at Bedrock Yoga

Candles flicker. Soft, melodic music fills the air. You sink into child's pose on your mat, letting the stress of the day behind you slowly begin to melt away. The yoga instructor softly explains your first transition, and you move into a heart-opening posture buoyed by bolsters and blankets. As you follow the guided meditation exercise, all the tension of your day evaporates. This is the scene that yoga teachers set at candlelight restorative yoga, one of many classes hosted by Bedrock Yoga.

Although this class specifically takes aim at stress, really any of the classes will help you to unwind. The traditional yoga classes begin at level one (for beginners) and go up through intermediate levels so that you can constantly build on your existing practice. Choose the class that suits your skill level and come to Bedrock Yoga to flow through a series of strengthening poses linked closely to your breath.

Public Domain/Pixabay/StockSnap