Enjoy Authentic Jamaican Fare at Malakhiís Lounge & Jamaican Restaurant

When Malakhiís opened its doors just over two months ago, its Jamaican-American owner and operator Robert Malakhi and the rest of his team had big dreams of establishing a Jamaican restaurant that would also be a performance venue for live jazz, R&B, reggae and comedy. Eight weeks later, that dream has become a reality that scores of Manassas locals have come to embrace.

The space itself is bright and inviting, with a full bar, plentiful seating, and a stage area for live entertainment. Upcoming events include the One Heart Jamaican Independence Reggae Night, and Social Saturdays with the Gridloc Band for singles 30 and over. Music is often the main draw here, but donít forget that this place is also a restaurant at heart, serving authentic Jamaican cuisine. The oxtail, salted cod, and rice and peas all get high marks from Yelp reviewers, as do daily specials like stewed chicken on Tuesdays and curried goat on Wednesdays.